Company profile Cane international B.V.

Cane International BV was founded in 2007 by two former ‘Cameco Europe’ employees. The company was founded on two very basic tenets; (1): a desire to establish and maintain a strong long lasting relationships with our clients, and (2): a commitment to a higher level of service in all aspects of the equipment supply business. 

Shortly after its founding, Cane International became a service provider for ‘CNH Agricultural and Construction products’ from a single client in a single country, the company has grown into a significant force in the equipment supply industry. At present, we are active in over twenty countries, ranging from Africa to Europe and from the Caribbean Basin to South America, with a product line covering vertically all needs in the agricultural and construction sectors. With offices in both Europe and the Caribbean, we can offer almost 24 hour coverage to our clients.

As part of its ongoing commitment to customer service and support, Cane International maintains a team of European and African based multilingual service engineers. The decades of experience possessed by our team, allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of pre- and post sales service. Our team's expertise is not limited to just the maintenance of the units we sell, but is also covers such aspects as operator training, workshop efficiencies, parts stocking, warranty assistance, specking of units to match client needs, etc.

As we have grown as a company we have dedicated ourselves to reaming at the forefront of the equipment supply industry via an ongoing training program for our engineering team and clients. Also by maintaining a very close relationship with our suppliers, Cane International ensures itself that it is the first in line for any new innovations that would be useful to our clients’ needs.

With the current trend of large cooperate farming, we at Cane International have positioned ourselves to be a leader in the supply to and support of these large farms. We are committed to providing full time on site service and support, ensuring that the fleet always runs. With the high demands of large scale farming and complexity of mechanized harvesting we feel that it is of the utmost importance to have a 24 hour back up and support for these large entities.

As we move forward and grow as a company, our basic approach to our business remains fully cemented in the tenets on which we were founded; relationship building and the best service available. As we like to say at Cane International: "our units always run!"

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